Jack Russell Club

Dantie Kennels/Jack Russell Breeder/Hungarian Vizsla Breeder

We are registered Jack Russell breeders. (Pictures under "Puppies for sale")

We only breed short legged and short hair Jack Russell’s. We have 25 female Jack Russell’s and have puppies most of the time available as we’re breeding constantly.

Our breed is from the best Australian/New Zealand and South African bloodlines.

We have satisfied clients with constant positive feedback.

We have all the administration and registered forms filed and are always available.

Please feel free to contact us for any queries

HUNGARIAN VIZSLA - REGISTERED AT KUSA (DEWANZE) (Pictures under "Puppies for sale")

We breed Hungarian Vizslas for more than 8 years.  We have 6 females and 2 males.

"Having a Vizsla is like having another human in a dog body with"

The Vizslas are very intelligent, obedient, very affectionate and gentle-mannered.  Vizsla dogs are highly trainable.

Due to their natural friendliness and as a favorite of children, Vizslas make terrific family pets.  Vizsla dogs love humans,

especially children-also adapts well to other household pets.  Definitely a "people" dog.  The important characteristic is that

the Vizslas are not aggressive dogs but with well developed protective instinct.  The Vizslas are medium-sized and strong

breed recognized for its rusty gold color and short, smooth coat.  Hungarian Vizslas are also bred for hunting, pointing

and retrieving