Jack Russell Club

Jack Russel Authentication

Jack Russells registered at Canine SA. Short legs and short hair. Our breed is from the best Australian and SA bloodlines.  Colour:  brown/white, tan/white, brown/white/black (tri-colour). All puppies are registered, micro chipped, inoculated and dewormed. Available from 7 - 8 weeks and can be delivered by flight for additional costs.  Photos can be sent by email on request.

Jack Russells are alert, intelligent and protective over loved ones.  They have excellent temperaments and an abundant of energy which make them the perfect jogging partner.  They can also be used for hunting dogs. It’s the best pet for birthdays and Christmas presents for the loved ones e.g. children and adults.

When collecting your new puppy you also receive:

The registration certificate, Veterinarian certificate and micro chipped card.  Sample packs of puppy food.

Jack Russell’s are popular, extremely loyal, obedient and affordable. They breed successfully in South Africa. A Jack Russell is also therapy.